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C17(a) - Roundtable: "Acting Like a Doctor:" ISA-Canada's Professional Development Podcast

Date: Jun 14 | Heure: 10:15am to 11:45am | Salle:

Chair/Président/Présidente : Rebekah Pullen (McMaster University)

Rebekah Pullen (McMaster University)
Liam Midzain-Gobin (Brock University)

Abstract: When looking to pursue a scholarly career in international studies, one crucial question is: how? How do you decide where you want to live? How do you determine what you’ll study? Teach? How do you remain a whole person in a job that can demand ever-increasing amounts of your time? And how have others made these decisions? This series of interviews, organized by the ISA-Canada Professional Development Committee and distributed via a podcast, will look at ‘how’ people have built and sustained a career in international studies. In particular, these interviews are a way of sharing collective and collected knowledges regarding ‘how’ our identity as researchers is tied to what we study, and how we study it. Aimed at those early in their careers (graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and ECRs), there will be lessons for those at any stage, from senior researchers to those just beginning to consider what the career of a scholar focused on international studies could look like, and what potentials and pitfalls may await. The CPSA 2024 session will feature live interviews that will make up part of this podcast series, “Acting Like a Doctor”. Hosted by Rebekah Pullen, the series will be made available through Buzzsprout. Each episodes will feature an interview with a scholar who will discuss their experience and offer advice to others on a specific theme, including: • Why academia? • Why this job? • A day in the life • Learning on the job