Politique provinciale et territoriale au Canada et au-delà

J09(a) - Roundtable: The Politics of Ontario

Date: Jun 13 | Heure: 08:30am to 10:00am | Salle:

Chair/Président/Présidente : Cheryl Collier (University of Windsor)

Co-Chair/Président/Présidente : Jonathan Malloy (Carleton University)

Jonathan Malloy (Carleton University)
Martin Horak (Western University)
Tamara Small (University of Guelph)
Peter Graefe (McMaster University)
Julie Simmons (University of Guelph)
Carl James (York University)
Mark Winfield (York University)
Cheryl Collier (Windsor University)

Abstract: This roundtable session features discussion by contributors to the new edition of The Politics of Ontario (UTP, 2024). Participants will draw from their individual chapters to speak to broad themes of current Ontario politics, including the state of Ontario political culture, the impact of the Ford government, economic and social policy challenges, and the ever-growing racial diversity of Ontario.