M14 - Roundtable: How and Why to Peer Review in Academia

Date: Jun 13 | Heure: 03:30pm to 05:00pm | Salle:

Chair/Président/Présidente : Isabelle Côté (Memorial University)

Isabelle Côté (Memorial University)
Christina Clark-Kazak (University of Ottawa)
Megan Bradley (McGill University)
Allison McCulloch (Brandon University)
Janique Dubois (Universite d'Ottawa)

Abstract: Peer-reviewing is one of those things academics are just expected to know how to do; yet, so few receive any training on it and some may even question why we do it in the first place. How to provide constructive feedback that helps elevate the work of the author, while avoiding to become the dreaded grumpy 'reviewer #2'? Why should you spend hours providing detailed feedback on a complete stranger’s manuscript? This bilingual roundtable, gathering editors/editors-in-chief of prominent academic journals on Canadian politics, Migration and Ethnic Politics, will provide concrete insights and examples of how to peer-review well, while highlighting the role and importance of the review process in shaping knowledge production through the publication process. Emergent and established scholars welcome!