Canadian Politics

A19(c) - Roundtable: Archival Research in Canadian Politics

Date: Jun 14 | Time: 01:45pm to 03:15pm | Location:

Tari Ajadi (McGill University)
Adrienne Davidson (McMaster University)
Jean-François Godbout (Université de Montréal)
Margaret Little (Queen's University)
Jack Lucas (University of Calgary)
Lori Oliver (Queen's University)

Abstract: Although much work in Canadian politics draws on archival materials, Canadianists rarely discuss archival methods. This roundtable opens a discussion about opportunities and challenges for scholars interested in using archival research in Canadian politics. This discussion will address how archival research fits into recent trends toward formalizing graduate methods training and involving students in research grants. Between the panelists, there is a wealth of experience—from local to national archives, with open and restricted collections, public and private collections, single and multi-country research, as well as independent and collaborative archival work. The roundtable will address the following: • How can archival research be used (e.g., from traditional qualitative research to creating quantitative datasets)? • How can we better train and advise students doing archival research? • What advice would you give someone preparing a grant with student training in archival research? • How can researchers organize and oversee collaborative archival projects, including with research assistants? • What should one consider when planning multi-site or multi-country projects? • What do you see as opportunities for archival research (e.g., collections that remain underused, questions that would be addressed well through archival research)?